Developmental Disabilities Specialist 1


General Characteristics:
A Developmental Disabilities Specialist I is responsible for vocational and social skills training and supervision/support of small groups of adults with developmental disabilities in a variety of work settings or learning environments; does related work as required. work requires knowledge and skill in behavior modification and training for adults with developmental disabilities. Working conditions may include exposure to emotionally unstable individuals and require interpersonal skill and/or physical intervention to calm the individual until assistance is available. Working conditions include potential exposure to body fluids.

Examples of Work:
Trains and supervises a small group of adults with developmental disabilities in a variety of work settings; monitors and evaluates the student worker's (client's) progress; problem solves with student workers on performance; communicates with parents and group home providers about behavioral incidents and changes in work schedule; transports clients to and from the job; keeps appropriate records, including daily attendance of student workers.

Identifies skills and social requirements of prospective and current jobs for student workers through task analysis; prepares cost figures for potential jobs; maintains quality control and production records on contract work.

Instructs and monitors student workers in the proper use and safe operation of tools and equipment.

Using prescribed methods, periodically does time studies by directly observing and recording tasks performed by student workers to develop standard time values for use in determining piece rates for student workers; maintains daily production records of student workers.

Implements behavior modification plans for individual student workers using positive reinforcement techniques; observes and records student worker responses.

Works with social service case managers and resident group home workers to assess and evaluate social and behavioral skills, to determine student worker potential for work placement and to develop Individual Support Plans for each student worker.

Distributes and records prescriptive medication issued to individual student workers.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of the methods used in training persons with developmental disabilities; ability to implement behavior modification plans using positive reinforcement techniques; ability to instruct and supervise persons with developmental disabilities; ability to work in a variety of work settings, as assigned; ability to observe and record data on student behavior and work performance; ability to conduct task analysis as necessary to determine job components for training programs; ability to assess problems and needs of student workers; ability to give medications, as prescribed, in a timely manner; ability to work independently and as a member of a team; ability to properly and safely use tools and equipment in the area of assignment; ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; ability to use diplomacy and to resolve conflict; ability to remain calm under stress; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with student workers, parents, group home providers, employers, customers and the general public; knowledge of the laws and guidelines pertaining to adults with disabilities; ability to drive safely; ability to work safely.

Reports to and works under the general supervision of the Specialized Employment Services Director. After initial training and orientation, employees in this class work independently within prescribed parameters Additional training may be given during staff and inservice meetings. Work is reviewed through observation and feedback from program customers.

This position is responsible to assign tasks, provide priorities, train and monitor the duties of student workers. This position may have responsibility for the daily assignment of work, establishing work priorities, monitoring of duties and training of student assistants, volunteers and hourly employees.

Minimum Qualifications:
High school graduation or equivalent is required. Two years of experience working with the developmentally disabled in a training facility, sheltered workshop or a group home setting, or with children as a teacher's assistant or with patients in a psychiatric facility is required. A current Oregon driver's license and a current first aid/CPR card are required. A current Oregon Approved Food Handlers Card is required for some positions.

Equivalent combination of training and experience will be considered qualifying.