Accommodations for Staff with Disabilities

ADA Accessibility - Accommodations for Staff with Disabilities

Lane Community College strives to create online and physical spaces where all people are treated with courtesy, compassion, dignity and respect. We are committed to providing appropriate accommodations for staff with disabilities to ensure that individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to access our online resources, application process, events, activities, campuses and benefits.

The following information is intended to assist Lane Community College employees with navigating the steps to request workplace accommodations. Students seeking assistance with accommodations should contact the Center for Accessible Resources.

Workplace Accommodation Process for Employees

Step 1: Employee Requests Accommodation

Who does this? The employee who needs accommodations.

What do I do? Start by filling out the Application for ADA Accommodations. You may also let your supervisor know that you've begun the accommodations process with HR. If you would prefer to make your request over the phone, please call the ADA Coordinator in Human Resources at (541) 463-5586.

Though the ADA requires that requests for reasonable workplace accommodations be honored whether or not they are presented in writing, we strongly suggest filling out the online application in order to create a record of the process for future reference or in case of conflict.

Step 2: Employee Submits Medical Information

Who does this? The employee who needs accommodations.

What do I do? Request your healthcare professional complete the Healthcare Provider Questionnaire. Once the form has been completed, it should be returned to the ADA Coordinator in HR. If you need a copy of your job description, please contact Human Resources.

Documentation of disability should be from the medical practitioner who diagnosed the disability or who is providing care related to the disability.

Step 3: Interactive Process Begins

Who does this? The ADA Coordinator in Human Resources will facilitate the process and conversation, together with the employee and the employee's supervisor, and make a final determination on which accommodations will be granted.

What do I do? Both the supervisor and the employee are encouraged to introduce ideas to accommodate the employee's need.

With guidelines of the interactive process in mind, the ADA Coordinator will review the documentation provided and contact the employee if more information is needed. Human Resources will consult with the employee's supervisor and may also seek technical assistance from the Associate Dean of Center for Accessible Resources and other expert resources. All such communications shall remain confidential.

Step 4: Accommodation is Finalized

Who does this? Once the review process is complete, Human Resources will communicate with the employee and the employee's immediate supervisor regarding any required accommodations.

All documentation related to the accommodation will be retained in Human Resources, in a confidential file separate from the personnel file. There are important confidentiality rules around medical information and disability disclosure that are designed to help protect employee privacy in the workplace. A disabled employee's coworkers are not entitled to know why they receive accommodations and other managers and supervisors only receive information on an employee's disability on a need-to-know basis.

Step 5: Keep the Conversation Going

Who does this? Human Resources, the supervisor and the employee should check in with each other to determine how things are going. If things aren't going well, consider discussing a modification of provided accommodations, or another, additional request for accommodations.

Remember that communication is integral to making the interactive process work. If an employee has new or emerging needs, they should communicate that to their supervisor and/or the ADA Coordinator in Human Resources. If a supervisor notices that an accommodation is no longer working well for an employee, they should communicate that to see if there's another accommodation that could work better.

Additional Resources

Lane Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.