Student Profiles

Honors Students Comment on the Program

"The Honors Program caused me to look at my education in a more meaningful way. It's no longer a hurdle to get to another point. My mind has been opened to think critically and research a lot deeper into topics that I'm studying. The program will enrich your portfolio and your life."

--Douglas Wiltshire, Instructor, Art & Applied Design/Media Arts, Lane Community College

"Preparing for graduate school means embracing long hours of research, and by engaging with research early in my college career through the LCC Honors Program I was able to open the door to doing research in some of the Psychology Labs at the U of O. This is important, because lab experience in a world class psychology research atmosphere not only helped me to prepare for grad school by building my CV, it also allowed me to get closer to experiencing my chosen field firsthand.

-Some of the honors classes I took at LCC were far more intellectually rigorous and academically demanding than even 400-level majors courses, and experiencing courses which really challenged me to do more than the tried and true "Read, Regurgitate, Forget" cycle of multiple-choice education was a major boon. Some of the courses which are going to be picked apart for how well I did in them (i.e., majors courses) seemed very easy thanks to this preparation, and I did well in them."

--Zachary Cunningham, graduated as a McNair Scholar from the University of Oregon

"At one point I was considering dropping out of community college. When I joined Phi Theta Kappa, I found all the support, resources and encouragement I needed to stay and later when I joined the Honors Program it became an extension of that, giving me the tools I needed to continue my education and complete my goals.

Being a part of the Honors Program prepares you well to transfer to a university because it cultivates your independent thinking in a supportive environment. Especially if you are thinking of pursuing graduate school programs, like medical or law school, this is a path that will maximize your time at Lane and serve as a launching pad. I also love the camaraderie and the network that I've built with honors peers."

--Kaitlyn Worman, Former VP Phi Theta Kappa

"The program has inspired and challenged me to dive deep into critical thinking and has further enhanced my academic path. It has encouraged me to research rather than taking things at face value. I've become a more fair-minded thinker and feel like I am part of a scholarly community.

If you excel at and enjoy independent and group-oriented projects, the Honors Program will provide you with additional opportunities to experience learning at the next level.

Prepare to be challenged and transformed! The journey is worth all your hard work."

--Kevin Loder, Graduated from University of Oregon; Manager of Campus Relations at The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

"The Honors Program encouraged me to take on challenges as opportunities while having faith in my ability to make a difference in my community while I am a student. It helped me learn how to use scholarly discourse as a tool to enact change and how to support my opinions with research, especially regarding health care disparities. It helped me to discover additional ways that I could be involved in my community.

It truly is a community that allows you to work with other curious students while discovering what you are really capable of, which is always more than you think. The honors instructors and coordinators are able to identify student strengths and facilitate growth and improvement in a constructive way. It's a huge encouragement."

--Mary Gross, Lane Nursing Student

"The Invitation to Inquiry honors seminar was a great experience for me. It went against my expectations of what college was about in a good way. It required a high level of engagement and involvement from students and encouraged us to question our assumptions, and it gave me a place to relate to others who were invested in their learning process. That seminar took our learning to a much deeper level for all of us, and for me personally it enhanced my college experience by helping me to focus on my own learning more than just the grade. It gave me a personal incentive to think critically and to ask difficult and meaningful questions so that I could really own my learning.

If you are motivated to really challenge your learning at a deeper level, then the Honors Program is a great choice. I really appreciate being a student at Lane because it's a nice bridge or stepping stone between high school and a large university where you can get the support you need and integrate your learning into your life, personal experiences and the world around you."

-- Cheyne Dandurand, Former Honors Student