About Us

About Us

The Lane Honors Program creates and nurtures learning environments that support the intellectual, social, and civic development of all of our students, from under-prepared to high-achieving and across all areas of the college's comprehensive mission. At the heart of the community college mission is a commitment to meeting students where they are and helping them attain their educational goals.

The Honors Program provides a focused path for well-prepared students who are ready to engage learning at an appropriately advanced pace and level. It also offers academic and social integration for advanced students at Lane and a transformative learning experience for all students who participate in the program.

Honors Program Administration

  • Ce Rosenow, Coordinator, Lane Honors Program

Honors Program Leadership Team

  • Lori Areford, Advisor, Counseling Department
  • Patrick Blaine, Dean, Language, Literature & Communication
  • Claire Dannenbaum, Honors Librarian
  • Stacey Kiser, Faculty, Science
  • Gerry Meenaghan, Faculty, Cooperative Education
  • Ce Rosenow, Faculty Coordinator, Lane Honors Program
  • Eileen Thompson, Faculty, Language, Literature & Communication

To receive event notices and news about the Honors Program, send an email to: honors@lanecc.edu