First Year Experience

First Year Experience

Welcome to Lane!

Are you ready to sign up for your First Year Experience course for Spring 2022? Yes?! Yay!
The FYE course cannot be “searched for” in the registration screen, so follow these steps:

  1. Login to ExpressLane.
  2. Select Enrollment and Student Financial Services, then Registration and Books, then Registration.
  3. Select Register by CRN, the second tab
  4. Be sure to use Course Registration Number (CRN) 41447

If you hit any snags, email us at:
See you in Moodle! :)

Success coaches are available both in-person, and remotely. They can be reached by email at

“Lane’s First Year Experience (FYE) guides first-year, degree-seeking students in their transition to and engagement with Lane Community College. Through online and in-person activities, the FYE exposes students to a variety of opportunities to help students make sound decisions in career, academic and financial arenas. Success coaches and peer mentors provide a welcoming, accessible environment where students can identify and overcome obstacles which could impede progression and goal attainment. Lane’s First Year Experience is available to all students at Lane Community College and meets the FYE requirement for the Oregon Promise grant

Success Coaches