Council Members

Council Members

Mission: Faculty Council contributes to the quality of education at Lane by providing an effective forum for faculty participation in governance. 

Co-Chairs:  Rachel Knighten and Paul Bunson

Membership: One or two representatives from each division selected each year. 

When Members Are Selected: Spring and Fall terms 

Length of Membership: one - two years 

Roles/Duties of Committee Members: To participate fully in the discussions and decision-making on issues that are the purview of the council and to communicate issues to faculty colleagues in their department.

Name Division/Department
Jenn Kepka Academic Technology
Kevin Steeves Academic Technology
Lee Imonen Art
Matt Svoboda Art
Vacant Business
Vacant CIT
Gerry Meenaghan Cooperative Education
Jessica Alvarado Counseling
Tracy Henninger ESL
Susie Cousar Health & PE
Sam Gibeau Health & PE
Tamberly Powell Health Professions
Jennifer Ferro


vacant LLC
Rachel Knighten LLC
Philip Moore Math
Wendy Rawlinson Math
vacant Multicultural Center
Paul Bunson Science
Brian Nichols Science
Caoimhin O'Fearghill Social Science
Jim Salt Social Science
Kenny Ascheri Classified
Adrienne Mitchell LCCEA (Ex-Officio)
ASA (Ex-Officio)
Paul Jarrell VP (Ex-Officio)