Event Scheduling - Main Campus Room Rental

Event Scheduling - Main Campus Room Rental

The Event Scheduler reserves campus conference rooms, classrooms, or other campus spaces, for Lane staff meetings and gatherings and may also rent campus space to the local community.

Email LaneEvents@lanecc.edu with any questions.

Event Scheduling Contact:

Brent Ellison
Email: LaneEvents@lanecc.edu

Requesting an event:

To request a space for a special event on main campus:

For Lane Community College Staff:

  1. Login into 25Live with your user account. Create a request, or go to the Calendar page to view existing events
  2. Email LaneEvents@lanecc.edu

For Lane Community College Students:

For Community Members:

  1. Please email the following information to LaneEvents@lanecc.edu
    1. Name of the Event
    2. The date(s)
    3. Set-up and take-down times
    4. Start and end times
    5. Number of attendees
    6. Electronic equipment needed, e.g. computer, projector
  2. Email the events scheduler at LaneEvents@lanecc.edu for any questions.

Current scheduled events may be viewed in Lane events/25Live and viewing the Calendar tab

Be aware that space requests for Special Events are completed on a first come, first served order, based on room availability.
Please remember an event request is just that - a request. You will receive an email confirmation if the space requested is available. Once you have requested and been granted use of a Lane Community College facility space, please review the Facilities User Acknowledgement.

If the space you've requested is not available, a staff member will contact you with an alternate space or other time/day options.

To change or cancel an event:

  1. Email the change or cancellation to LaneEvents@lanecc.edu
    Include the event reference number, e.g. 2016-AAEGBY