The word "registration" means adding your classes and creating a class schedule for the term.

Registration Deadline Alert:

Students must complete any additions to their credit class schedule by Monday of week two at 11:59pm.
Credit registration will close on this date and any late registration must be completed through Enrollment Services and will be assessed a $50 late add fee.

This fee is not cumulative-but will only be assessed once per term if classes are added late.
Please register early to avoid these charges! Please inquire with Enrollment Services if you have any questions.

Register in ExpressLane

Be sure to check the Registration Calendar to review important dates!

Questions or concerns about your registration? Contact Enrollment Services.

ExpressLane has an intuitive registration system to make adding and dropping your classes easier.

Before you register, make sure to check the Registration Calendar for important dates. If you are a New Credit Student: You must complete ALL Steps to Enroll prior to the Thursday before the term begins, or you will need to wait until the following term. Noncredit/Continuing Education Students do not register in myLane, but in a "shopping cart" system on the Continuing Education website.

Refund Deadline: Please remember to drop any classes you do not wish to continue attending by the end of the first week of the term, Sunday, at 11:59 pm. (Summer term is slightly different, as there are multiple "parts of the term") Check the refund/drop schedule for current information. 

How to Register in myLane

Here are some short videos to show you the basics of how to use the Registration Tool. The Registration videos continue in a playlist, or you can choose individual videos for specific topics.:

Here are written instructions to add classes:

Checking to see if you are Cleared:

  • Click on Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Registration and Books, "When Can I Register?" and choose the correct term.

Searching for and Adding Classes

Click on Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Registration and Books, Registration. All searching, adding, dropping, credit and grading option changes, etc, are done using this tool. 

For any change you make to your registration, whether it is adding, dropping, or changing the grade option, you must click "Submit" at the lower right corner of the page, in order to complete that action.

Wait Listing for Full Classes:

If you try to add a class that is full and has a Wait List, you will receive the following "Registration Error" message:

"Section Full - (0) Students Waitlisted - Waitlist seats available. This means you can add yourself to a waitlist."

Late Add:  Before registering for any classes, be sure that you are either still within the "refund period" or have been given permission by the instructor to add the class. If you add any class after the refund period, you are responsible for the tuition and fees. The "late add" period begins the second Tuesday of each term. If you still need to register, you must contact the division office for the class you wish to add, to fill out a "late add" form. You must then submit the completed form to Enrollment Services to be added to the class.

No Show/Drop: If you do not attend any meeting of a class in the first week, Lane has a "No Show/Drop" policy. Your instructor will drop you in this instance by the Monday after the first week.

Still have questions? Contact Enrollment Services