Grade Information

Grade Information

You can view your final grades for each term and your unofficial transcript by logging into ExpressLane

When can I view my grades? Grades for a term always post by 5 pm the Wednesday after Finals Week.

Login to ExpressLane and select Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Student Records.

NOTE: Lane does not mail out grades, final grades are only available online through myLane.

Summer term grade viewing: Since Summer term includes 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week classes, and it may be many weeks before the official end of Summer term, grades for these classes are posted the week after they complete. Some courses in Summer do not fall within these standard dates, and they do not get posted until the week after the end of the Summer term in mid-September.

Financial Aid Students: Your Satisfactory Academic Progress standing will be calculated at the end of the day on the official grade posting day. If you know you are not going to meet SAP standards, you can submit your Appeal to Reinstate earlier in order to allow more time for it to be reviewed before the start of the next term.

Academic Progress Standards: All degree or certificate seeking credit students are subject to Academic Progress Standards. This is different than Financial Aid "Satisfactory Academic Progress" and is calculated after each term's grades post. If you receive information that you have not met Academic Progress Standards, you will need to complete the intervention requested.