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Tony Sanjume

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Vice President, Finance & Administration


This procedure describes eligibility for discounts on merchandise purchased at the Titan Store (College Bookstore) and provides the discount table for specific types of purchases.


No discounts are extended to faculty and staff for personal purchases.

Lane Community College departments are eligible to receive a discount on materials purchased by the College for use by the College. This discount is only given to departments making purchases on their VISA Procurement card (P-Card) or an Inter-Campus Order form. Please inform the cashier before making a purchase that you are using a Procurement card or ICO. After the purchase, please verify that the receipt indicates you received the appropriate discount.

Merchandise Discount Schedule

  • Discounted at 20 percent:
    • general school and office supplies
    • art supplies
    • most gift items
    • greeting cards
    • clothing items
  • Discounted at 10 percent:
    • new and used course materials, including textbooks and custom course packets
    • general interest reading books
    • limited electronic supply items and accessories
  • No discount on the following product classes:
    • Computer hardware
    • computer software
    • candy, beverages, sundries, fresh food items
    • DTC parking coupons
    • food service meal tickets
    • Third party vendor and merchandise gift cards
    • Titan Store gift cards
    • LTD merchandise and passes
    • watches
    • Jewelry
    • clearance items
  • No minimum purchase required when using a VISA procurement card
  • Minimum $10 purchase when using ICO's

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015