Strategic Plan Development

2022-2027 Strategic Plan Development

The Lane Community College 2016-2021 Strategic Plan has provided a framework for the College to focus on strategic work over the past five years. This plan was developed with extensive engagement of the college community and includes mission, vision, values and strategic directions. 

Moving forward, the College will renew the plan with goals that will shape our course over the next three to five years. This work will be undertaken in a challenging environment in which our community and nation face a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a social justice crisis. The confluence of these challenges will have unknown, yet profound, impacts on the community and hence the college. This strategic plan renewal process will build upon the work completed in the past planning process to establish a roadmap for the future which allows for nimbleness to respond to environmental factors. 

Anatomy of the Plan

Under guidance from the Board of Education, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and Operations Committee, with extensive feedback and survey data from employees, students, and community members, have worked to review and draft plan components for the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. 

Work on the draft plan will continue in Fall 2021. View the plan draft.

Feedback is welcome any time via email to

Plan Development Timeline

  • July 10 – Board reviews and supports Goals and Objectives
  • September: Communication - Post Goals and Objectives on website with feedback opportunities
  • October – Goal Teams review and refine strategies
  • November – College Council reviews and supports plan and makes recommendation to the President
  • December – Board approves Plan (12/15)
  • January – Formal Document and communicate internally and externally
  • On-Going – Accountability: Semi-annual report to IEC to College Council who will report to the Board

Team Members

The Strategic Planning process will be led by consultant Margot Helphand. 

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is composed of internal college stakeholders: 

  • Adrienne Mitchell, Faculty in Academic Learning Services and representative of LCCEA
  • Jenn Kepka, Faculty in Academic Technology and representative of Faculty Council
  • Tracy Weimer, Project Coordinator in the Office of Access, Equity & Inclusion and representative of LCCEF
  • Kyle Schmidt, Tech Specialist in Marketing & Communications and representative of College Council
  • Grant Matthews, AVP of Career Technical Education and Workforce Development
  • Mindie Dieu, AVP of Student Affairs
  • Amber Coleman, Student and Lane SGA President
  • Shana Weiland, Student and Lane SGA Vice President
  • Lawrence Rasheed, Faculty Coordinator of African American Program
  • Rosa Maria Bañuelos-Uribe, Admissions Coordinator
  • Operations Team members

Operations Team

The Operations Team provides administrative guidance and support to the Strategic Plan Steering Committee: 

  • Margaret Hamilton, President
  • Paul Jarrell, Provost
  • Richard Plott, Executive Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Tami Hill, Executive Administrative Assistant (administrative support)

If you have questions or feedback, or if you'd like to invite a member of the Steering Committee to a department or group meeting to gather plan feedback, email us at