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Every day, the world gets more and more technologically advanced. Self-driving cars, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more were once fragments of science fiction, and are now used to make our lives simpler and better.

As technology becomes more and more essential to everyday life, opportunities for criminals to try to exploit technology grow. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber crime cost the global economy about $600 billion dollars last year, with experts estimating that number growing to $6 trillion annually by 2021 (2018). Lane’s Cyber Security program will prepare you for a career combating cyber crime.

Is the Cybersecurity program for you?

Do you value protecting people’s information, helping to prevent cybercrime, and investigating problems? Do you enjoy challenges? Are you interested in developing in-demand skills that everyone needs? Lane’s Cybersecurity degree will provide you with the tools you need to get a career started in the cybersecurity industry. All of our courses are available on campus or online, so you can complete your degree anywhere life takes you!

When you’re ready to get started, just apply! Our Admissions office staff will guide you through the steps to enroll to get you started right. You can also contact Admissions with any questions you have about the college, to schedule a tour of the campus, or just to say hello. If you’re not ready to apply today, you can request more information on the program and we’ll get in touch to make a plan that works for you.

What will you learn in the Cybersecurity program?

Through our classes both in-person and online, you’ll learn to:

  • Defend systems against unauthorized access, modification, and/or destruction
  • Perform vulnerability and networking scanning assessments
  • Monitor network traffic for unusual activity
  • Configure and support security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, and patch management systems
  • Implement network security policies, application security, access control and corporate data safeguards
  • Analyze and establish security requirements for your networks
  • Train fellow employees in security awareness
  • Develop and update business continuity and disaster recovery protocols
  • Conduct security audits and make policy recommendations
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of key compliance requirements, such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA
  • Provide technical security advice

As a cybersecurity professional, your coworkers will look to you to keep their information safe. Whether you choose to complete your degree on campus or entirely online, you’ll be prepared not only to start your career, but also to take important certification exams including the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT), Cisco’s CCNA in Cybersecurity Operations, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate.

What can you do next?

After completing your degree in Cybersecurity, your degree can take you anywhere you want to go. Whether you want to work within Eugene’s Silicon Shire, home to over 400 technology companies, or branch out to Seattle, Portland, or the Silicon Valley, your degree will propel you to new heights.

Because cybersecurity professionals are in such high demand, many companies are hiring employees who work out of their own home. You will also be prepared to further your studies at schools such as Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, and Western Governors University. If you’re interested in earning your four-year degree, our advisors will be able to help you craft an academic plan to map out your options.

Personal attention from engaging faculty

Lane offers students the best of both worlds: a wide variety of courses to choose from and small class sizes. At Lane, you’ll never take a class with more than 40 students, and your class will always be taught by an instructor, not a grad student. Our attentive faculty have real world experience, and they bring those experiences to the classroom! Because of our small class sizes, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your instructor on a first name basis.

Get to know the Cybersecurity faculty and advisors

The faculty and advisors for the program can help you meet your career goals. They can answer any program specific questions you might have, and help you find opportunities outside of the classroom. Advisors will help you schedule your classes and plan for the future. You’ll work with them to create a term by term planner that meets your needs and goals to ensure you complete your degree. And if you’re planning on transferring to a four-year school they can help you take the classes you need to count towards your bachelor's degree.

Get real world work experience

Employers are interested in more than just your degree. It’s important that you’re able to show that you have relevant, real world work experience. Our Cooperative Education department partners with local businesses and organizations to provide internships for students in their field of study. Many students even continue to paid employment at their former internship site.

Stackable Credentials

Throughout your program, you’ll be using industry standard curriculum to prepare to earn your Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Cyber Operations, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect, and Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate. These certifications will help demonstrate your skills and knowledge to prospective employers, and provide you with an important foundation for professional development throughout your career. Lane has a Pearson Vue testing center on site, making it easy for you to schedule your certification exams, and you may even receive free or discounted vouchers to take exams!

State of the art facilities

Our modern labs and classrooms will provide you with access to the same technology you’ll have on the job, and every core class in the program will teach real skills that you can take with you and use immediately. You’ll take advantage of Lane’s partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, VMWare, CompTIA, and Palo Alto Networks to prepare for a rewarding technology career, using the same hardware and software used by professionals every day. LCC is the only authorized training academy in the local area that provides students with the same rigorous training that experienced technical professionals receive, often leading to industry-recognized certifications and in-demand careers.

The CIT lab, located in 19/135, provides you with a home to connect with other CIT faculty and students. Lab computers include the software you’ll use both in class and your career, and are available to you the whole time you’re working on your degree. Every day, tutors are available to ensure you’re mastering class concepts, so stop by to check out our comfy couches and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

Attending classes at Lane

Lane’s main campus is tucked into the foothills of the Oregon Cascades, providing a stunning landscape for your education. With incredible resources on campus like advising, tutoring services, the library, First Year Experience and so many more, you have the opportunity to make the most out of your degree. Lane also offers student housing at Titan Court in downtown Eugene, next to our Mary Spilde Center. Ready to learn more? Schedule a campus tour to explore our beautiful campus and amazing facilities.