Computer Network Operations

Computer Network Operations

Are you interested in solving real-world problems? Do you find processes and systems interesting? Lane’s Computer Network Operations program is a fast-paced, exciting program that will help prepare you for a career within the network operations field.

Is the Computer Network Operations program for you?

If you’re a problem solver, who likes to work hard and dive deep into the technology that lets computers connect with each other, networking might be for you! With a career in networking, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies, building a specialized career path that fits your interests. While much of your work will be keeping the tech behind the scenes running smoothly, you’ll also need to be able to respond to urgent problems as they arise, ensuring no two days are ever the same.

When you’re ready to get started, just apply! Our Admissions office staff will guide you through the steps to enroll to get you started right. You can also contact Admissions with any questions you have about the college, to schedule a tour of the campus, or just to say hello. If you’re not ready to apply today, you can request more information on the program and we’ll get in touch to make a plan that works for you.

What will you learn in the Computer Network Operations program?

Our core curriculum covers everything from the basic concepts and terminology of computer networks, to more advanced topics like routing protocols, firewalls, and security. Through the networking curriculum you’ll learn to configure devices to communicate effectively on networks, while also learning how those networks function. Through our classes both in-person and online, you’ll learn to:

  • Create and design efficient, scalable computer networks
  • Configure various devices to communicate across networks
  • Install, configure and manage Microsoft Windows clients and servers
  • Install, configure and manage Linux clients and servers
  • Install, configure and manage Cisco routers and switches
  • Write programs to perform common system administration tasks
  • Design and maintain a secure network infrastructure
  • Monitor and manage various devices in your network infrastructure
  • Communicate effectively with other networking professionals

You will also learn to build networks and the supporting network services including the Domain Name System (DNS), the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), email services, web services, databases, directory services such as Active Directory, firewalls, cloud services, and network monitoring. You will configure all of these services and show both yourself and your instructors that you have achieved a solid understanding and working knowledge of these services. Additionally, you will learn to write programs and scripts that can be used to automate background tasks and simplify the lives of network and system administrators.

As an added bonus, many of your classes will give you the knowledge and experience you need to prepare for many well-known certification exams, such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Linux+, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Already have college or career experience?

If you come to the degree program with previous college or work experience, the program leads or full time faculty are also able to meet with you and work with you to customize your program plan to meet your educational needs to better prepare you to meet your future career goals.

What can you do next?

After completing the Computer Network Operating AAS degree, your degree can take you anywhere you want to go. Whether you want to work within Eugene’s Silicon Shire or branch out to Seattle, Portland, or the Silicon Valley, your degree will propel you to new heights. Networking program alumni have also continued on to schools such as Oregon Institute of Technology and Oregon State University. If you’re interested in earning your four-year degree, our advisors will be able to help you craft an academic plan to map out your options.

Personal attention from engaging faculty

In the networking program, your classes will include both lectures and labs. Lectures will introduce you to networking theory and concepts, while in the labs you’ll apply what you learned to real world scenarios on actual hardware. Networking classes are small, and instructors are always available to answer your questions and provide you with one on one attention.

Lane offers students the best of both worlds: a wide variety of courses to choose from and small class sizes. At Lane, you’ll never take a class with more than 40 students, and your class will always be taught by an instructor, not a grad student. Our attentive faculty have real world experience, and they bring those experiences to the classroom! Because of our small class sizes, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your instructor on a first name basis.

Get to know the Computer Network Operations faculty and advisors

The faculty and advisors for the program can help you meet your career goals. They can answer any program specific questions you might have, and help you find opportunities outside of the classroom. Advisors will help you schedule your classes and plan for the future. You’ll work with them to make a plan that meets your needs and goals to ensure you complete your degree. And if you’re planning on transferring to a four-year school they can help you take the classes you need to count towards your bachelor's degree.

Get real world work experience

Employers are interested in more than just your degree. It’s important that you’re able to demonstrate that you have relevant, real world work experience. Our Cooperative Education department partners with local businesses and organizations to provide internships for students in their field of study. Many students even continue on to paid employment at their former internship site.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some recent graduates experiences during their co-op’s:

The company I work for now has an office in the building where I had my internship. Without that internship I might not have the job I have now.


Do as many internships as possible. While classroom learning is vital to success nothing compares to on the job training.



The Cooperative Education Internship was the entire reason for my employment.



I was only able to get my internship because of my CIT degree program and that internship was a major reason why I got my first job after graduation.



The Cooperative Education internship allowed me to demonstrate the knowledge and skills I learned over the course of the CIT technical degree program.



Network Operations graduates have gone on to employment at University of Oregon, EWEB, Oregon Research Institute, Data Logic, Symantec, Peacehealth, Amazon, Oregon Social Learning Center, and more!


Stackable Credentials

Career Pathway Certificate - Network Monitoring and Management

While you’re earning your Network Operations degree, you’ll also earn the Network Monitoring and Management certificate with no extra classes! The Network Monitoring and Management certificate will give you the tools needed to monitor, analyze detected threats and anomalies in networks, and resolve them. You learn to automate routine tasks, which will help you manage and scale network infrastructure to meet demand.

State of the art facilities

In networking, it’s not only important to understand theory, it’s also critical that you have hands on experience working with hardware. At Lane, you’ll have access to a two full racks of servers, switches, and routers. You’ll receive hands on training with technologies from VMWare, Oracle, and Cisco, and get practical experience working with physical equipment such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls, network security devices, and wireless access points.

You’ll also have access to dedicated networking space in the CIT lab. The CIT lab, located in 19/135, provides you with a home to connect with other CIT faculty and students. Every day, tutors are available to ensure you’re mastering class concepts. Lab computers include the software you’ll use both in class and your career, and are available to you the whole time you’re working on your degree. Stop by to check out our comfy couches and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

Attending classes at Lane

Lane’s main campus is tucked into the foothills of the Oregon Cascades, providing a stunning landscape for your education. With incredible resources on campus like advising, tutoring services, the library, First Year Experience and so many more, you have the opportunity to make the most out of your degree. Lane also offers student housing at Titan Court in downtown Eugene, next to our Mary Spilde Center. Ready to learn more? Schedule a campus tour to explore our beautiful campus and amazing facilities.