Art History

Art History

Art History

Mission Statement

The mission of the Art History Program at Lane Community College is to introduce students, from all backgrounds, programs, and fields, to the rich, diverse world of Art History. The program critically engages artistic works produced within religious, social, and political conditions. It also emphasizes artistic technical procedures and the creator’s role in cultural production. Students will examine the concept of artistic and cultural production through interactive, interdisciplinary courses employing both foundational and cutting-edge processes in the Art History classroom.

Guiding Principles and Goals

The Art History program aims to operate with distinction through scholarship, inclusiveness, integrity, and fellowship, creating a collaborative environment of collegial camaraderie, safety, and respect. Our program seeks to create culturally literate, globally conscious human beings through student collaboration, in-depth analysis of cultural production, and the evaluation of critical theory.

Additionally, in keeping with the Institutional Learning Outcomes of LCC, the goals of the Art History program include:
  1. Fostering an understanding of the interconnections in communities and cultural production throughout history using critical thinking and the engagement of diverse values. (ILO 1: Think Critically, ILO 2: Engage, and ILO 4: Communicate)
  2. Application of new technologies to see beyond the surface of the image, creating interaction with the artwork and an understanding of the importance of place in its creation. (ILO 1: Think Critically, ILO 3: Create, and ILO 5: Apply)
  3. Acknowledgment of disparate historical values and ideas through the evaluation of culture and people, encouraging thinking beyond one’s own place and time, while also highlighting the value in difference, recognizing its unique and beneficial aspects. (ILO 1: Think Critically and ILO 2: Engage)
From the studio delve into the history of art through an impressively broad and exciting curriculum that nurtures the visual learning capacity and the visual literacy of our students. In a world that is increasingly exposed to and understood through visual media, explore the importance of critical evaluation and personal understanding of those media and their influence on individuals and culture. Take advantage of our specialized and independent studies courses and develop a deeper understanding of the arts as a visual language from aesthetic historical, cultural, and cross-cultural perspectives. This is art as you have never imagined it.

I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.
- John Steinbeck

Art History Interest Areas

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